"What TF Is Sickly Particular?"

me and Venusian doing our best to embody our "fun" and "normal" personalities. pretty sure they're the same, but who's clocking us?

What a busy time it's been! Since I last wrote on here I was on a high from She's Damaged/Times To Move On, took a quick break, and immediately got back to the grind. I've moved from Bushwick to Bedstuy, in a beautiful brownstone (or greystone, I'll be real), traveled to Indianapolis (disastrous) and Chicago (yay #FUCKALLBOYSFROMUPTOWN), found myself in a vulnerable situation that could have altered the way I live life (maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but talk about a fucking wake up call), and in the mix of all of that I have strengthened my bonds with my closest friends. I began to rely on them for support, opened up more about myself and in return got plenty of hugs, pieces of advice, and shots. 

After overcoming some drama that I didn't need in my life I knew it was time to get real with myself and prepare to elevate. The success of Damaged/Times couldn't end there for me. So it fucking wasn't going to end there. My shorty Vanessa (artistically known as Venusian) and I are now planning an event together that we feel really great about – it's actually not about us feeling good, but taking our experiences and channeling them into something that a lot of people can relate with and have a desire to participate in. We've partnered up with our friends at YWCA Brooklyn, who we donated proceeds from the last show to, and are putting on an art fundraiser to raise awareness for the organization while giving women a platform to share their perspectives on their personal relationships with... really anything. It's coming up quickly in July and it's been a real honor seeing the amount of support pour through for our next project. AND oh my fucking gosh, the type of submissions we're receiving from artists in the Tri-State area are mindblowing. These young women are giving deep, introspective looks into their minds and are covering a range of topics and it's beautiful. What's crazy to me is that they're sharing these accounts with US! I'm feeling so up right now, feeling so empowered, and I'm just excited to have this event and see how our participants enjoy it and how our attendees will feel about everything that we're doing. So I've been rambling about some things, and I obviously don't want to give too much away about the upcoming exhibition. Let me move on and stay updated with Status: It's Complicated over the next month and a half.

OK. So as Vanessa and I continue to work together we figured it would best to make things a little more organized and solid. "Let's become a collaborative duo. Let's make it real." We want to continue to put on art shows, publish zines, work with other artists in the space that align with us in some way, raise awareness for causes that we support, work to grow professionally, artisically, and personally – that's where Sickly Particular is born. Vanessa matches my intensity, work ethic, desire to progress (and she's a badass artist who has worked independently and made shit happen), and we work so well together. We have different tastes, we look different, have different upbringings, but the things that make us click come from those differences and also connect well with our similarities. What I can tell you is that we are always on top of our shit, ready to take risks, attack the next challenge, and if things don't look, feel or sound right... we're fucking out, and we're going to turn around and do it our way. I'm just stoked though. Next month's women-centric event is a great starting point for SP, and we have some other plans in the works for the rest of the year. Don't underestimate this weird ass dynamic duo. We're coming at things aggressively. And if you ask, "OH THEY DO THIS NOW?" We'll answer, "YEAH WE DO, AND IF WE HAVE TO PROVE OUR CAPABILITIES TO YOU THEN YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN THE SPACES WE CREATE."


Amber Elise Jones, @reggaedude_fan